Orchid Care

 Growing Slipper Orchids: Light


PAph Winter's Imp  
Paph Winter's Imp 'Emigrant'


slipper orchid leaf
Paph lawreanceanum is one of the parents of the famous Paph Maudiae. Note the attractive mottling and strong contrast on this healthy plant.

LIGHT. Most paphs are low-light plants, and like a shady spot where they  receive bright indirect light. They will do fine in eastern, or shaded western or southern exposures. As a rule, do not place mottled-leafed plants in direct sunlight.

  Let the foliage be your guide: leaves should be medium green in color with darker well-defined patterns in the mottled leaf types. Many of the larger multifloral paphs, usually with plain green foliage, need considerably brighter light to bloom, especially during the winter months.    

Brachpetalums, parvisepalums and slipper orchids with thicker leaves, can generally take a little more light.









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