Orchid Care

 Slipper Orchids: Pests & Disease

Paphiopedilum sukhakulii hybrid
Paphippedilum sukhakulii adds outstretched petals and spots to its hybrids.





PESTS AND DISEASES Most insect pests can be gently washed off, or swabbed with alcohol. Mealy bugs are especially fond of paphs and like to hide in the leaf axis and flower bud sheaths so examine these carefully.

  If necessary, use an insecticidal soap or fine horticultural oil formulated for orchids, after reading all directions and warnings carefully. Paphs have few insect problems, but are susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections which can result in brown spots or rotted areas on leaves, which can quickly lead to the demise of plants. Carefully cut out infected tissue at the earliest sign of infection with a sterile blade, and spray plants with a fungicide/bactericide such as Physan. Sprinkling the affected areas with cinnamon will also help. Good culture will also eliminate most problems.









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