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Among the most rewarding orchids for the beginner to grow in the home are the "Maudiae type" Paphiopedilum orchids which are  found in the tropics. While most will prefer intermediate to warm conditions, many  species grow at high elevations where they may thrive in cooler conditions.

Paph maudiae type hybrid
A typical maudiae-type paphiopedilum hybrid.  

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For a past generation, the cattleya orchid was the standard orchid used to explain the basics of orchid care. That was in the era when orchids were expensive and generally grown in greenhouses. Using this model for slipper orchids, mottled-leaf Paphiopedilum Maudiae (and similar hybrids) are our standard of choice. They are easy to grow, vigorous, can bloom in a 3" pots, and exemplify the best of their parents.

The waxy pouched flowers, mostly in shades of green, white, tan, and burgundy, are held above the foliage on tall stems, and last from four to eight weeks. Larger multigrowth plants will often bloom more than once a year, yet remain relatively compact. Our guide is applicable to most tropical paphiopedilums including multiflorals (plants that produce several blooms to spike) and should be modified, as needed, for slipper orchids that have requirments that deviate from the standard.








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